Have you ever wondered who else in SDGS is researching ancestors in Poland or Iowa, so you could share research tips or ask for advice with a Brickwall? Well, the wondering is over! We have added three new Fields to the Membership Directory for Countries, US States, and Surnames.

To see how it works, go to our website,, and log in down in the lower left hand corner. Then up above in the Members Only section of the navigation menu, select Membership List. This will take you to an alphabetical listing of our members. At the top of that screen select Advanced Search. At the bottom of this list of search options, you will find search boxes for Countries, US States, and Surnames. For countries, try England; for US States, Pennsylvania, and for Surnames, Duffy.

To enter your own information, Look back down in the lower left corner of the Home Page and you will see a link for View Profile. This leads to your membership directory entry. There is a button at the top to Edit profile. Here you can enter your Countries, US States, and Surnames.

You do not need to enter this information if you do not want to. If you run into any problems, please contact Anne Turhollow at 

If you like, you can also go to Join the Conversation page and enter "Create a Topic" on a conversation thread to ask a question to the SDGS Community. 

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